Wait For Her

11 januari 2019

Wait For Her

Wait For Her is een nummer van Roger Waters’ album “Is This The Life We Really Want?”

Muziek/lyrics: Roger Waters
geïnspireerd door een Engelse vertaling van “Lesson from the Kama Sutra (Wait for Her),” by Mahmoud Darwish


Will the glass and laid the gemstones on a pool around the evening
Among her perfumed roses wait for her
With the patience of a pack horse loaded for the mountains
Like a stoic noble prince, wait for her
With seven pillows laid out on the stair
The scent of womens incense fills the air
Be calm and wait for her

And do not flush the sparrows that are nesting in her braids
All along the barricades
Wait for her

And if she comes soon , wait for her
And if she comes late, wait
Let her be still
As a summer afternoon
A garden in full bloom
Let her breathe in the air
That is foreign to her heart
Let her lips part, wait for her

Take her to the balcony
See the moon soaked in milk
Hear the rustle of her silk
Wait for her
Don’t let your eyes alight upon
The twin doves of her breast
Lest they take flight
Wait for her

And if she comes soon, wait for her
And if she comes late, wait
Serve her water before wine
Do not touch her hand
Let your fingertips
Rest at her command
Speak softly as a flute would
To a fearful violin
Breathe out, breathe in

As the echo fades
From that final fusillade
Remember the promises you made

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