The Most Beautiful Girl

11 januari 2019

The Most Beautiful Girl

The Most Beautiful Girl is een nummer van Roger Waters’ album “Is This The Life We Really Want?”

Muziek/lyrics: Roger Waters


She may well have been the most beautiful girl in the world
Her life snuffed out like a bulldozer crushing the pearl
The secret committee deep in its lair
Conveniently fall from the cold?
Puts a tick in a box, turns the key in a lock
To loosen the buns in her hair
[?] wrapped safe in your cloak
The tumbledown twilight Havana smoke caught in your throat
Mystery slivered his dance, held you in its trance
Her bosoms were loaded with nectar and lances
“Well boy” she said “you have broken the trust, hold on to that stick if you must”

Take a fresh grip on the crucible [?]
A patchwork of ashes sweeps away the flag of [?]
Madness comes down like the crackpot of [?]
The raging of angels, cathedral of stars
Christopher Robin says “Alice, go home, they’re no longer changing the [?}”

“Hold on” she said “you’re breaking my heart”
It’s weird how the steel rails disappear into the dark
They come to the ivory tower on her braids
They were never afraid of falling
But the bomb hit the spot where the numbers all start
And the last thing they heard was her calling home
I’m coming home
I’m the life that you gave
I’m the children you saved
I’m the promise you made
I’m the woman you crave
So hold on…I’m coming home (hold on, I’m coming home)

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