The Great Lost Pink Floyd Album (bootleg)

2 februari 2019

The Great Lost Pink Floyd Album


Label: PINK 001
Land: Duitsland
Released: 1985


A1 Massed Gadgets Of Hercules
A2 Point Me To The Sky
A3 Let There Be More Light
A4 Grantchester Meadows
A5 Green Is The Colour
B1 Careful With That Axe, Eugene
B2 Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major
B3 Interstellar Overdrive
B4 The Narrow Way
B5 Apple And Oranges
B6 Pow R Toc H

A1, A3: Top Gear 25.06.1968
A2, B2-B4: Top Gear 14.01.1969
A4-B1: Top Gear 12.05.1969
B6: Top Gear 31.12.1967

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