Teacher, Teacher

15 maart 2022

Demo voor The Wall.

Terug te vinden op The Wall (Experience en Immersion boxset)


Schoolboy, schoolboy, did you hear what I said?
How am I supposed to make you see the light?
It’s hard enough to sleepwalk through the day
Without some creepy little boy like you
Bombarding my lonely shell
Glimpses of half open doors
Gleams in the night that I might well have followed myself

Teacher, teacher, you might as well be dead
All those years you tried to suck my brain away
It was hard enough to drag myself from bed
Without some crazy lunatic like you
Bombarding my still soft shell
Sticks and stones that you found lying around
In the pile of unspeakable feelings you found

When you turn back the stone
Turned over the stone
Of your own disappointment
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