Poem by Roger Waters

10 januari 2019

Poem by Roger Waters


Geschreven door: Roger Waters, zomer 1993

Volgens interviews werd hij geïnspireerd na het lezen van het boek “All the Pretty Horses” door Cormac McCarthy.


There is a magic in some books
That sucks a man into connections with
The spirits hard to touch
That join him to his kind
A man will seek the reading out
Guarded like a canteen in the desert heat
But sometimes needs must drink
And then the final drop falls sweet
The last page turns
The end

Not so with you my wife
My love, my life
I do not have to seek you out
I read you day and night
And drink and bathe
And share my coat
And droplets spray in rainbows
From that distant age
And we will never
Taste the final drop
Nor turn the final page

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