Is There Anybody Out There? (song)
/ 28 december 2018

Is There Anybody Out There? (song) Informatie: Lyrics/Muziek: Roger Waters Zang: Ronger Waters Zich afvragend of er daarbuen iemand zal zijn, begint Pink de uitgestrektheid van zijn muur en de gevolgen van zijn zelf opgelegde afzondering te realiseren. Terug te vinden op: The Wall The Wall – Live In Berlin Shine On Is There Anybody Out There? Songtekst: Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody out there?

Is There Anybody Out There/The Wall Live (album)
/ 7 januari 2019

Is There Anybody Out There/The Wall Live (album) Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980–81 is een livealbum uit 2000 van de Britse progressieve rockband Pink Floyd. Het is een live versie van The Wall, geproduceerd en ontwikkeld door James Guthrie, met nummers geselecteerd uit de augustus 1980 en juni 1981 concerten in Earls Court in Londen. Het album is het eerst uitgegeven in Nederland door EMI Records op 23 maart 2000, wie een gelimiteerde uitgave uitgaf in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 27 maart. De normale uitgave volgde op 18 april 2000 samen met de VS en Canadese distributie door Columbia Records. Bij de eerste gelimiteerde uitgave zat ook een fotoboek Band: Pink Floyd David Gilmour – elektrische and akoestische gitarens, zang, mandoline op “Outside the Wall”, muzikale leiding Nick Mason – drums, percussie, akoestische gitaar op “Outside the Wall” Roger Waters – basgitaar, zang, akoestische gitaar, klarinet op “Outside the Wall” Richard Wright – piano, orgel, synthesizer, zang, accordion op “Outside the Wall” Gastartiesten Andy Bown – bass gitaar, acoustic gitaar on “Outside the Wall” Joe Chemay – backing vocals Stan Farber – backing vocals Jim Haas – backing vocals John Joyce – backing vocals Andy Roberts…

Is This The Life We Really Want (album)
/ 9 januari 2019

Is This The Life We Really Want (album) Eerste solo album van Roger Waters in 25 jaar tijd, ná Amused To Death. Uitgebracht op 2 juni 2017 Roger Waters – zang, gitaar, bas Nigel Godrich – productie, toetsen, gitaar Gus Seyffert – bas, gitaar, toetsen Jonathan Wilson – gitaar, toetsen Joey Waronker – drums) Roger Manning – toetsen Lee Pardini – toetsen Lucius: Jessica Wolfe en Holly Proctor Songs: 1. When We Were Young 2. Déjà Vu 3. The Last Refugee 4. Picture That 5. Broken Bones 6. Is This The Life We Really Want? 7. Bird In A Gale 8. The Most Beautiful Girl 9. Smell The Roses 10. Wait For Her 11. Oceans Apart 12. Part of Me Died

Is This The Life We Really Want (song)
/ 9 januari 2019

Is This The Life We Really Want (song) Is This The Life We Really Want is de titel song van het gelijknamige album van Roger Waters, uitgebracht op 2 juni 2017. Songtekst: [Intro: Donald Trump] You’re CNN. I mean it’s story, after story, after story is bad. I won. I won. And the other thing, chaos. There’s zero chaos. We are running- This is a fine-tuned machine The goose has gotten fat On caviar and fancy bars And subprime bones And broken homes Is this the life, the holy grail? It’s not enough that we succeed We still need others to fail Fear, fear drives the mills of modern man Fear keeps us all in line Fear of all those foreigners Fear of all their crimes Is this the life we really want? It surely must be so For this is a democracy and what we all say goes And every time a student is run over by a tank And every time a pirate’s dog is forced to walk the plank Every time a Russian bride is advertised for sale And every time a journalist is left to rot in jail Every time a young girl’s life is casually spent…

/ 9 januari 2019

Israël Informatie: Lyrics: Danny Peyronel Muziek: Nick Mason, Rick Fenn Zang: Danny Peyronel Nummer van het album “Profiles” van Nick Mason en Rick Fenn Terug te vinden op: Profiles 1985 Songtekst: Were you here five thousands years ago Promising the promised land Corinthians, Corinthians Dancing on unbroken burning sand Where no trees or living things would grow Selling the romantic dream Phoenicians, Phoenicians Real estate is hard to find, ideas undermined Wrong place and wrong time Goodbey, good thing Africa’s a lonely place Goodbey, good thing Missionaries in position pray Oh Israel Have you lost what others never find Blame the unforgiving sun Arabians, Arabians Neighbours are so hard to tame When you don’t look the same Give them a smile say Goodbey, good thing Africa’s a lonely place Goodbey, good thing Missionaries in position pray Oh Israel

It Would Be So Nice
/ 28 december 2018

It Would Be So Nice Informatie: Single, geproduceerd door Norman Smith en opgenomen in de EMI, Abbey Road Studios, op 13 februari 1968. Uitgekomen op 12 maart 1968 met als b-kant “Julia Dream”. “The Evening Standard” in de oorspronkelijke tekst moest om copyright redenen vervangen worden door “The Daily Standard”. Lyrics/Muziek: Richard Wright Terug te vinden op: It Would Be So Nice (single, 1968) Masters Of Rock The Early Singles (Shine On) The Early Years 1965-1972 Germin/ation Vinyl uitgave in Nederland: Catalogusnummer: DB 8410 (Columbia) Songtekst: It would be so nice It would be so nice to meet sometime Ev’rybody wakes and in the morning – hot tea Can’t stop yawning Pass the butter please Have you ever read the Daily Standard Reading all about the plane that landed upside down But no one knows what I did today There can be no other way But I would just like to say: It would be so nice Everybody cares about the weather Everybody should know better What a waste of time Everybody lives beneath the ceiling Living out a dream that sends them reeling To a distant place But no one knows what I did today There can be no…

It’s A Miracle
/ 9 januari 2019

It’s A Miracle Informatie: Lyrics/Muziek: Roger Waters Waters voegt een verwijzing naar Andrew Lloyd Webber in dit nummer: “We cover in our shelters With our hands over our ears Lloyd-Webber’s awful stuff Runs for years and years and years An earthquake hits the theatre But the operetta lingers Then the piano lid comes down And breaks his fucking fingers” Waters beweerde namelijk dat Webber de muziek van Pink Floyd’s ” Echoes ” had geplagieerd voor de musical The Phantom of the Opera. Terug te vinden op: Amused To Death In The Flesh Songtekst: Miraculous you call it babe You ain’t seen nothing yet They’ve got Pepsi in the Andes McDonalds in Tibet Yosemite’s been turned into A golf course for the Japs The Dead Sea is alive with rap Between the Tigris and Euphrates There’s a leisure centre now They’ve got all kinds of sports They’ve got Bermuda shorts They had sex in Pensylvania A Brazilian grew a tree A doctor in Manhattan Saved a dying man for free It’s a miracle Another miracle By the grace of God Almighty And pressures of the marketplace The human race has civilized itself It’s a miracle We’ve got warehouses of butter We’ve…

It’s Obvious
/ 9 januari 2019

It’s Obvious Informatie: Syd Barrett – 1970 Lyrics/Muziek: Syd Barrett Terug te vinden op: Barrett Syd Barrett Crazy Diamond Songtekst: It is obvious may I say, oh baby, that it is found on another plane? Yes I can creep into cupboards, sleep in the hall your stars – my stars, a simple cock bar only an impulse – pie in the sky mumble listen dolly drift over your mind – holly creep into bed when your head’s on the ground she held the torch on the porch, she winked an eye Reason it is written on the brambles stranded on the spikes – my blood red, oh listen: remember those times I could call through the clear day time – be there… braver and braver, a handkerchief waver the louder you lips to a loud hailer growing together, they (‘re) growing each either no wondering, stumbling, fumbling rumbling minds shot together, our minds shot together… So equally over a valley, a hill wood on quarry stood, each of us crying a velvet curtain of gray mark the blanket where the sparrows play and the trees by the waving corn stranded my legs move the last empty inches to you the…