Gigolo Aunt
/ 9 januari 2019

Gigolo Aunt Informatie: Syd Barrett – 1970 Lyrics/Muziek: Syd Barrett Terug te vinden op: Barrett Syd Barrett The Peel Sessions Crazy Diamond Wouldn’t you Miss Me The radio One sessions An Introduction To Syd Barrett Songtekst: Grooving around in a trench coat with the satin on trail Seems to be all around in tin and lead pail, we pale Jiving on down to the beach to see the blue and the gray seems to be all and it’s rosy-it’s a beautiful day! Will you please keep on the track ‘cause I almost want you back ‘cause I know what you are you are a gigolo aunt, you’re a gigolo aunt! Yes I know what you are you are a gigolo aunt, you’re a gigolo aunt! Heading down with the light, the dust in your way she was angrier than, than her watershell male life to this love to me – heading me down to me thunderbird shale seems to be all and it’s rosy – it’s a beautiful day! will you please keep on the track ‘cause I almost want you back ‘cause I know what you are you are a gigolo aunt Grooving on down in a knapsack superlative…

Ginger Gilmour
/ 5 januari 2019

Ginger Gilmour   Ginger Gilmour (geboren in Virginia Hasenbein, 19 januari 1949 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is een Amerikaanse kunstenaar, beeldhouwer, auteur,  oud model,  en de eerste vrouw van Pink Floyd-gitarist David Gilmour. Sinds hun huwelijk in 1975 en echtscheiding in 1990 woont ze in Engeland. Ginger ontmoette David Gilmour in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in oktober 1971, terwijl ze haar toenmalige vriend backstage vergezelde tijdens een Pink Floyd-concert.  Ze beschreef hun ontmoeting als “liefde op het eerste gezicht”,  en zij huwden op 7 juli 1975  met de bruiloftsreceptie in Abbey Road Studios. Het echtpaar kreeg vier kinderen:  Alice (geboren in 1976), Clare (geboren in 1979), Sara (geboren in 1983, een modeontwerpster) en Matthew (geboren in 1986). Ginger is afgebeeld op de binnenhoes van David’s 1978 gelijknamige eerste solo-album. Ze scheidden tijdens Pink Floyd’s 1987-1989 wereldtournee. Ze publiceerde een boek over haar leven met hem, Memoirs of the Bright Side of The Moon, in 2015.  

/ 21 januari 2019

Gini Is een bitter lemon drank van Frans fabricaat. Zij sponsorde de korte Franse Tour van Pink Floyd in 1974. Ze kregen 50.000 Britse pond van de fabrikant. Roger Waters schreef zelfs de song “Bitter Love” (nog steeds niet uitgebracht) . Pink Floyd doneerde het geld aan een Frans goed doel organisatie.   

The Girl In The Yellow Dress
/ 11 januari 2019

The Girl In The Yellow Dress Muziek: David Gilmour Lyrics: Polly Samson Nummer van het in 2015 uitgekomen album “Rattle That Lock” Rattle That Lock Songtekst: She mesmerises with a smile Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon The girl in the canary yellow dress Says yes She flips a pack of cigarettes He doesn’t smoke but he takes one nonetheless It helps to keep his motives true (Gauloise-blue) What else is the poor boy supposed to do? She dances like a flame Words unheard Eyes closed and yellow dress Whirls and swirls It’s late the hour’s growing horns The band seems to draw her ever closer This girl gets right down in the groove Woos and moves Leads him on to where they play the blues She dances like a flame Has no cares, yellow dress flame Eyes closed, arms above, she shakes Swirls and snakes Too late in this folie à trois He sees that her heart is pounding for Big daddy who falls down to his knees Begging her please Lifts his sax, says here’s my little tease Her dancing sets the place on fire Heaven and hell The flames curl up his spine As she shakes,…

Give Birth To A Smile
/ 9 januari 2019

Give Birth To A Smile Informatie: Lyrics/Muziek: Roger Waters Soundtrack van de dokumentaire film “The Body” (1970) Terug te vinden op: Music From The Body Songtekst: Long live the child and the man Long live the mother and the lad The hills behind us and the sea Reach out to welcome you and me Valley deep and mountain tall Lie upon the ground before us all Strange are the colours of the turf Heralding the rebirth of the earth Gather all your energy and try Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile, everytime you think about it Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile, hear me tellin’ you Give birth to a smile, give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile, give birth, give birth Give birth to a smile Give birth to a smile, every day of your life Give birth to a smile, give a little birth to a smile Give birth to a smile  

/ 11 januari 2019

Globe Nick Mason Rick Fenn Terug te vinden op: White of the Eye (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Unattended Luggage boxset   Songtekst: Instrumentaal

The Gnome
/ 27 december 2018

The Gnome Informatie: Lyrics/Muziek: Syd Barrett Zang: Syd Barrett Terug te vinden op: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn A Nice Pair The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (reisue 2007) The Early Years 1965-1972 Continu/ation Songtekst: I want to tell you a story ‘bout a little man, if I can A gnome named Grimble Grumble And little gnomes stay in their homes eating, sleeping, drinking their wine He wore a scarlet tunic A blue green hood, it looked quite good He had a big adventure amidst the grass, fresh air at last Wining, ding, biding his time And then one day – hooray another way for gnomes to say “Hooooray!” Look at the sky; look at the river isn’t it good? Winding, finding places to go And the one day – hooray another way for gnomes to say “Hooooray!”

Going To Live In L.A.
/ 9 januari 2019

Going To Live In L.A. Informatie: Lyrics/Music: Waters Niet op het album Radio KAOS verschenen, alleen als B-kant van de single Radio Waves b>Terug te vinden op: Radio Waves (single, 1987) Songtekst: Molly stood still in the rain and wept While Billy kicked stones down the courthouse step The police linked arms in a line to hold back the crowd “How much longer, Mum” said Ben “Why’s that policeman kicking that man Can we have a bit of jam on our bread today” Then the whistle blew and the gates swung back “Wave” said Molly, Ben waved his cap The two eyes looking through a little slot Like someone dying in a letter box Crowd: Traitor, animal And Molly said “Say goodbye to the valley Say goodbye to the rain” Through the miracle of telecommunications In the private sector We got a message today Your Great Uncle David, your great Uncle David The one who went to the U.S.A. The one with swimming pools and palm trees The big dog, the big dog Has asked you to stay, to stay And you’re going, going, going, going To live in LA Going, going, going Oh, Hollywood hills Oh, midnight thrills Living…

The Gold It’s in the…
/ 3 januari 2019

The Gold It’s in the… Informatie: Lyrics/Muziek: Roger Waters, David Gilmour Zang: David Gilmour, Richard Wright In sommige landen verschenen als b-kant van de single “Free Four”. Op het hoesje van de uitgave in Nederland staat dit ook als b-kant vermeld, maar in werkelijkheid is de b-kant “Wot’s… Uh The Deal”. Terug te vinden op: Obscured By Clouds Free Four (single – in sommige landen) The Early Years 1965-1972 Obfusc/ation Songtekst: Come on, my friends, let’s make it for the hills They say there’s gold but I’m looking for thrills You can get your hands on what-ever we find ‘cause ‘m only comin’ ‘long for the ride Well, you go your way, I’ll go mine I don’t care if we get there on time Ev’rybody’s searching for something, they say I’ll get my kicks on the way Over the mountains, across the seas Who knows what will be waiting for me? I could sail forever to strange sounding names Faces of people and places don’t change All I have to do is just close my eyes to see the sea gulls wheeling in those far distant skies All I want to tell you, all I want to say is count…

Golden Grollies
/ 22 januari 2019

Golden Grollies Een alternative titel voor het album Relics, die uiteindelijk niet gebruikt werd.