E.R.G. Amsterdam
/ 17 januari 2019

E.R.G. Amsterdam Eventstructure Research Group uit Amsterdam ontwierp Pink Floyd’s vliegend varken in december 1976

Each Small Candle
/ 9 januari 2019

Each Small Candle Informatie: Lyrics: Roger Waters, Halfdan Rasmussen Muziek: Roger Waters Terug te vinden op: In The Flesh Flickering Flame – The Solo Years Volume 1 Songtekst: Not the torturer will scare me Nor the body’s final fall Nor the barrels of death’s rifles Nor the shadows on the wall Nor the night when to the ground The last dim star of pain, is held But the blind indifference Of a merciless unfeeling world Lying in the burnt out shell Of some Albanian farm An old Babushka Holds a crying baby in her arms A soldier from the other side A man of heart and pride Breaks ranks, lays down his rifle And kneels by her side He binds her wounds He gives her food And calms the crying child She gives him absolution then Across the great divide He picks his way back through the broken China of her life And there at the kerb The samaritan Serb turns.. Turns and waves.. goodbye And each small candle Each small candle Lights a corner of the dark… Lights a corner of the dark Each small candle Each small candle Lights a corner of the dark Lights a corner of…

Early Morning Henry
/ 22 december 2018

Early Morning Henry Informatie: Muziek: Syd Barrett Een demo van de “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” sessies, zoals vermeld in David Parker’s boek “Random Precision”, een gids voor de opnames van Barrett. Parker zegt dat hij contact met Mason had, om te vragen wat dit nummer was, maar Mason kon het zich niet herinneren. De master tape voor dit nummer wordt verondersteld verloren te zijn gegaan.

The Early Years 1965 – 1972 (box set)
/ 7 januari 2019

The Early Years 1965 – 1972 (box set) Box set, uitgebracht op 11 november 2016. Barcode:  0 190295 950255 1965-67 CAMBRIDGE ST/ATION CD 1: 1965 Recordings*: 1. Lucy Leave* 2.57 2. Double O Bo* 2.57 3. Remember Me* 2.46 4. Walk With Me Sydney* 3.11 5. Butterfly* 3.00 6. I’m A King Bee* 3.13 7. Arnold Layne 2.57 8. See Emily Play 2.55 9. Apples And Oranges 3.05 10. Candy And A Currant Bun 2.45 11. Paintbox 3.48 12. Matilda Mother (2010 mix) 4.01 13. Jugband Blues (2010 mix)† 3.01 14. In The Beechwoods (2010 mix)† 4.43 15. Vegetable Man (2010 mix)† 2.32 16. Scream Thy Last Scream (2010 mix)† 4.43 Total: 52 mins, 24 secs approx. Tracks 1-11 mono. Tracks 12-16 stereo *including Rado Klose on guitar and Juliette Gale on vocals on ‘Walk With Me Sydney’ CD 2: Live in Stockholm 1967: 1. Introduction† 0.25 2. Reaction in G† 7.18 3. Matilda Mother† 5.34 4. Pow R. Toc H.† 11.56 5. Scream Thy Last Scream† 4.00 6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun† 7.17 7. See Emily Play† 3.16 8. Interstellar Overdrive† 8.57 Please note: the above tracks feature vocals recorded at a less than…

The Early Years 1967-1972 Cre/ation (2CD)
/ 7 januari 2019

The Early Years 1967-1972 Cre/ation (2CD) CRE/ATION – THE EARLY YEARS 1967-1972 bevat audio materiaal, dat ook te vinden is op de dure boxset “The Early Years 1965-1972” Uitgebracht op 11 November 2016 2 CD set. Tracklijst: CD 1: Arnold Layne 2.57 See Emily Play 2.55 Matilda Mother (2010 remix) 3.58 Jugband Blues† (2010 remix) 3.02 Paintbox 3.47 Flaming† (BBC Radio Session, 25 September 1967) 2.42 In The Beechwoods† (2010 mix) 4.43 Point Me At The Sky) 3.41 Careful With That Axe, Eugene (single ‘B’ Side version) 5.48 Embryo (from Harvest Records sampler ‘Picnic’) 4.42 US Radio ad for Ummagumma 0.22 Grantchester Meadows† (BBC Radio Session, 12 May 1969) 3.46 Cymbaline† (BBC Radio Session, 12 May 1969) 3.39 Interstellar Overdrive† (Live, Paradiso, Amsterdam, August 1969) 4.24 Green Is The Colour† (BBC Radio Session, 12 May 1969)/ 3.21 Careful With That Axe, Eugene† (BBC Radio Session, 12 May 1969) 3.28 Total: 57 mins 08 secs approx.. CD 2: On The Highway† (Zabriskie Point remix) 1.17 Auto Scene Version 2† (Zabriskie Point remix) 1.13 The Riot Scene† (Zabriskie Point Remix) 1.40 Looking At Map† (Zabriskie Point remix) 1.56 Take Off† (Zabriskie Point remix) 1.19 Embryo (alternative version)† (BBC Radio Session, 16 July 1970)…

Ebb And Flow
/ 22 december 2018

Ebb And Flow Informatie: Muziek: Gilmour, Wright Richard Wright: elektrische piano David Gilmour: EBow gitaar Instrumentaal nummer van The Endless River Een korte intermezzo van regendruppels, klokkenspel en akoestische gitaren. Terug te vinden op: The Endless River Songtekst: Instrumentaal

Echoes – The Best Of Pink Floyd
/ 7 januari 2019

Echoes – The Best Of Pink Floyd Echoes: The best of Pink Floyd is een compilatiealbum, uitgegeven op 5 november 2001. In Nederland alleen op CD uitgegeven, maar er is ook een gelimiteerde 4 LP (zie foto) met 4 verschillende binnen hoezen. Uitgaves: CD: Barcode: 7 2435361112 5 LP: Barcode: 7 243536111 8 (UK 5361111 Made in the EU) Songs: Astronomy Domine See Emily Play The Happiest Days of Our Lives Another Brick in the Wall Echoes Hey You Marooned The Great Gig in the Sky Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Money Keep Talking Sheep Sorrow Shine On You Crazy Diamond Time (met Breathe Reprise) The Fletcher Memorial Home Comfortably Numb When the Tigers Broke Free One of These Days Us and Them Learning to Fly Arnold Layne Wish You Were Here Jugband Blues High Hopes Bike 4LP uitgave:

Echoes (song)
/ 22 december 2018

Echoes (song) Informatie: Lyrics/Muziek: Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason Zang: David Gilmour, Richard Wright Echoes had voordat het uiteindelijk op vinyl uitkwam, verschillende werktitels: “The Return Of The Son Of Nothing, parts 1-24”, “Nothing part 1-24”, “The March of the Dam Busters” en “Looking Through The Knotholes In Granny’s Wooden Leg”. Het is een van de langste nummers van Pink Floyd, alleen Atom Heart Mother en Shine On You Crazy Diamond 1-9 zijn langer. Echoes is voor het eerst live gespeeld in april 1971 en had in het begin enigzins andere tekst. Terug te vinden op: Meddle Shine On Echoes Live in Gdansk The Early Years 1965-1972 Continu/ation The Early Years 1965-1972 Reverber/ation The Early Years 1965-1972 Obfusc/ation Songtekst: Overhead the albatros hangs motionless upon the air And deep beneath the rolling waves In labyrinths of coral caves The echo of a distant tide Comes willowing across the sand And everything is green and submarine And no one showed us to the land And no one knows the wheres or whys And something stirs and something tries And starts to climb towards the light Strangers passing in the street By chance two separate glances meet And I…

/ 22 december 2018

Eclipse Informatie: Lyrics/Muziek: Roger Waters Zang: Roger Waters Eclipse is het laatste nummer van dat album en besluit met de muzikale equivalent van een wegstervende hartslag. Daarmee is het muzikaal het spiegelbeeld van het openingsnummer Speak to Me, dat begint met een steeds luider wordende hartslag. Aan het eind is op de achtergrond een fragment te horen van Ticket to Ride van The Beatles. Roger “the Hat” hoor je ook nog zeggen: “There is no Dark Side of the Moon, really, matter of fact it’s all dark.” Roger Waters legde later uit waar het nummer, de slotzin en eigenlijk het gehele album over gaat: “I don’t see it as a riddle. The album uses the sun and the moon as symbols; the light and the dark; the good and the bad; the life force as opposed to the death force. I think it’s a very simple statement saying that all the good things life can offer are there for us to grasp, but that the influence of some dark force in our natures prevents us from seizing them. The song addresses the listener and says that if you, the listener, are affected by that force, and if that force is…

Eclipsed I – In Celebration Of The Comet Kahoutek (bootleg)
/ 13 januari 2019

Eclipsed I – In Celebration Of The Comet Kahoutek Label: Ecoercive ‎– LP5452.23 Tracklist: A1 Breathe A2 On The Run A3 Time (Incl. Breathe) B1 Money B2 Us & Them B3 Any Color You Like B4 Brain Damage B5 Eclipse Recorded from live stereo FM concert broadcasts @ Rainbow Theatre, London, 17th February 1972.